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A Traveler’s Guide to India

India is a magical place to travel. It is a vibrant land where the traditional and modern worlds meet. The country is vast and varied, with so many wonderful people, incredible food, immense spiritual power and amazing culture. It is also a place with wonderful festivals, architecture and landscapes. India, with all of its beauty,

Best Adventures to Have in Australia

The great continent of Australia is an explorer’s wonderland. Around the world, few places rival Australia for its unique sense of adventure. The landscape varies from lush forests to barren desert. No matter where you are, you will find exhilarating activities on both land and sea. We’ve put together these adventures to get your heart

5 Best Destinations for Hot Air Balloons

Soaring through the air over a breathtaking landscape in a gigantic, brightly colored balloon, powered only by heat and wind, is on many a bucket list. For some people, it is the ultimate way to fly. And taking this epic ride is a great start to your morning, as you watch the sun rise from

Best Destinations for Sky Diving

Best Destinations for Sky Diving What can you do that is more adventurous than sky diving? On this planet, there is little else that gets your adrenaline pumping and your excitement flowing more, than jumping out of a plane! It is the ultimate extreme sport for those that like to take risks, Skydiving can even

Bali is great…the sun, the sand, the surf! When people think of Bali, they think of all the great beaches. But Bali is so much more than that. With Bali’s location tucked in between the other islands in Indonesia, it’s easy to think that way. But look beyond the obvious, and Bali has so much